Experience the Difference


Experience the difference

Warbucks Seafood powered by Warbucks International Seafood a third generation company is the worlds leading source of Kosher Bowfin Caviar & Non-Kosher Bowfin Caviar production. We are the first in the world to be certified by Star K for our Bowfin Caviar to be Kosher. As an international caviar company, our state of the art plants across Mid West America and Louisiana are equipped with highly professional staff and processing equipment to produce high quality caviar, including Sturgeon Caviar, Paddlefish Caviar, Non-Kosher Bowfin Caviar and Kosher Bowfin Caviar.  Our main concentration is to fulfill our customerís needs and bring the most sensational taste and joy when eating our products. We also have been both processing and harvesting wild caught shrimp since 1949.

List of licenses:  USDA #LA2204 ( United Stated Department of Agriculture), EURO NUMBER 3002320410, HACCP ( Hazard Analysis Critical Control Point).  NOAA license,approved Russian caviar producer Enterprise #3002320410.