Bowfin Caviar

Bowfin caviar is produced from the eggs of the Amia calva, a primitive fish like the Sturgeon, known locally as the "choupique". The Amia calva is a freshwater fish that lives in the natural waters around Louisiana. Like the sturgeon, the Amia Calva's bowfin caviar is naturally composed of large dark eggs. Bowfin attain a size of approximately 10 lbs. (4.5 kg.)

Naturally black, Bowfin caviar is processed without artificial coloring or preservatives. With a salt content under 5%, bowfin caviar is a malossol caviar.

At Warbucks Seafood, we produce our bowfin caviar under the strictest sanitary conditions, meeting all HAACP requirements.  Our Bowfin Caviar is inspected by both the the Louisiana Health Department and the FDA (Federal Food and Drug Administration) .

Fresh caviar, including Bowfin caviar, should be stored at temperatures from 26 to 32F,  requiring refrigeration at all times. If storing bowfin cavair for extended periods of time, the bowfin caviar should be kept frozen at or below 10F, and then the bowfin caviar should be thawed slowly while refrigerated to minimize drip loss and change.

In Louisiana, known by its Cajun name "Choupique", Bowfin, or Amia Calva, is more ancient that sturgeons, which they are not related to.  The bowfin is bony fish yielding bowfin caviar that is a black roe with a distinctive flavor making it a good, less expensive replacement for sturgeon caviar.

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