How To Serve Caviar

When serving caviar, including our Sturgeon Caviar, Paddlefish Caviar, and Kosher Bowfin Caviar, Warbucks International Seafood recommends the following guidelines for an optimal caviar experience:

  • Caviar roe is tender and fragile, so always be very gentle with it —lift while spooning out. If spreading, ease it softly with a teaspoon. Caviar should be served from a non-metal spoon. Caviar spoons are widely available in bone, tortoise shell and Mother-of-Pearl spoons. Any metal, including silver, will impart a metallic flavor to the granules.
  • It is important when serving caviar that the jars are removed from the refrigerator 10 to 15 minutes before serving, and opened immediately before consumption.
  • The two most popular beverages with simple caviar are frozen vodka or a very dry Champagne or sparkling wine. A dry white wine also works well.
  • Caviar should not be cooked or it will toughen. If using it in a recipe, always add it toward the end of the preparation, or as a last-minute garnish.